Hyundai takes car connectivity to next level with new app

You can now access an unprecedented amount of information about your car thanks to a new app

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Hyundai is hoping a new app will help Hyundai i30 owners become better drivers.

Standard with every new i30 variant, the app (dubbed Hyundai Auto Link) connects the car’s computer with the owner’s smart phone via Bluetooth.

The app keeps track of the car’s performance, and provides insight and analytics from its driving history, to help owners perform better behind the wheel.

There are real-time diagnostics of things such as the vehicles tyre pressure, and it even has a vehicle ‘health-check’ status to help owners discover any issues before they become serious.

For the anoraks, there is also driving history statistics, parking management, service scheduling, and automatic access to roadside assistance.

Australia is the first country in the world to receive the app, with all owners of the latest model having access to the technology.

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“Hyundai Auto Link offers i30 drivers deeper ownership involvement with their car as well as with their driving,” Hyundai Australia’s Sales Academy and Training Manager, Glenn Forster, said.

“Auto Link uses real-time driving history statistics to monitor and analyse bad driving habits, including rapid acceleration, hard braking and so much more.

“Using that information, owners are able to adjust their driving style for smoother, more fuel-efficient driving and, importantly, less wear and tear on their car.”

The app collates the information from each vehicle, and ranks you against fellow i30 owners.

“Apart from offering so many useful functions to everyday i30 drivers, we believe Hyundai Auto Link will become invaluable to fleet companies and the like,” Forster added.

“It’s even feasible that we can offer owners cheaper insurance by better understanding how they use their cars.”

While only currently available on the i30, Hyundai is looking to roll the technology out across the company’s entire range.


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