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Skoda introduces three- and five-year capped price servicing schemes

By Tony O'Kane, 11 Sep 2018 Car News

Skoda introduces three- and five-year capped price servicing schemes

Skoda Australia wants to dispel the myth that European cars cost a packet to service

Skoda has announced the availability of two new servicing packages for its customers, which put a hard cap on the cost of scheduled maintenance across its entire model range.

Two packages are on offer, a three-year/45,000km option and a five-year/75,000km alternative for those who hang onto their cars longer. Pricing varies from model to model, but the three-year package begins at $760 (for the Fabia and Rapid hatchbacks) while the five-year package starts at $1600 (for the Fabia, Rapid, and non-RS versions of the Octavia).

Car servicing: why do we need to do it?

Skoda’s larger cars and SUVs attract higher pricing, but the servicing packages – which cover all of the standard servicing requirements of the car such as oil and filter changes, but also brake fluid and cabin air filter changes – are designed to give owners peace of mind about post-purchase running costs.

"Comparative data sourced from manufacturer websites busts the myth that all European cars are more expensive to maintain than those from Korea or Japan," Skoda Australia director Michael Irmer said.

"There is more to value than recommended retail pricing,” he continued.

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It’s a sentiment that’s shaped much of the Czech manufacturer’s efforts in improving its sales pitch. The company boosted its warranty coverage period to five years with no kilometre limitation at the start of 2017, and has also introduced a guaranteed future value finance option to new car buyers that essentially locks in a trade-in price for when the car loan term expires.

"The value equation clearly extends to the after sale aspect of the ŠKODA ownership experience," Irmer concluded.

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  • Three years/45,000km - $760
  • Five years/75,000km - $1600


  • Three years/45,000km - $760
  • Five years/75,000km - $1600


  • Three years/45,000km - $780
  • Five years/75,000km - $1600


  • Three years/45,000km - $860
  • Five years/75,000km - $1700


  • Three years/45,000km - $890
  • Five years/75,000km - $2100


  • Three years/45,000km - $790
  • Five years/75,000km - $1650


  • Three years/45,000km - $950
  • Five years/75,000km - $2100