Tesla Model S P90D acceleration causes thrills and spills

As this dad’s experiment shows, the P90D doesn’t come with rear cup holders for a reason.

Tesla Model S

Electricity and water aren’t generally a good mix and with a Tesla Model S P90D in Ludicrous mode, we’re not just talking about batteries and short circuits.

To demonstrate its supercar acceleration, one US dad challenged his children to drink big cups of water in his Model S while he accelerated at supercar speeds.

With the P90D capable of firing from 0-100km/h in a claimed 2.7 seconds you know this wasn’t going to end neatly.

Luckily the kids seemed to enjoy the challenge though it remains to be seen how they’ll feel about the slow motion footage of water spilling over their faces going viral. That said it’s all done in good fun.

If you’ve never been in a Tesla, the video on the DragTimes YouTube channel is interesting beyond the poor kids wearing their drink.

The lack of noise when he puts the foot down is very noticeable as is the way the front seats lurch back. Sure, they’d probably spill those drinks in any car with the right pedal pushed to the floor, but the Tesla’s speed off the blocks is really noticeable despite the lack of usual audio cues.

Even the dad, who has done this plenty of times before, momentarily succumbs to the lateral acceleration force, which at that speed would be around 1G.

Fun experiments aside, having passengers in a car capable of being so quick requires extra responsibility. Sure, it’s fun, but if you did that at every set of traffic lights you’ll probably end up with something else spilled over the seats. 


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