Updated Mazda CX-9 due to arrive in Australia mid 2016

By James Whitbourn, 07 Apr 2016 Car News

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Updated Mazda CX-9 due to arrive in Australia mid 2016

New Mazda CX-9 to be most economical in its class; bursting with new equipment.

The next generation of Mazda’s big SUV, the Mazda CX-9, is due mid-year and it’s said to address the current model’s biggest weakness – fuel thirst – while bringing extra safety and convenience equipment, and a new flagship atop a four-tiered line-up.

A new 2.5-litre four-cylinder petrol engine will cut official fuel consumption by more than 20 percent – as much as 27.6 percent in city driving, in some versions – while delivering low speed power to rival the outgoing 3.7-litre V6, with thanks to a turbocharger. This improvement in efficiency will make the new CX-9 the most economical SUV available, among seven-seater petrol peers.

Mazda claims the new engine is also more refined, which should make the CX-9 a quieter and more pleasant family car, and the inclusion of automatic stop-start, and brake energy regeneration and storage systems will also help save money on fuel, as will the fact the CX-9 uses ordinary 91 RON petrol rather than pricier premium.

The Japanese designed and built wagon will offer advanced safety features such as autonomous emergency braking, blind-spot monitoring, lane-departure warning and rear cross-traffic alert systems, which will come standard on the high-level versions and are likely to be also available as part of an optional safety pack.

A reversing camera and parking sensors as expected as standard across the range, as is a count of at least six airbags protecting all three rows of occupants.

Mazda’s MZD-connect touchscreen infotainment interface and satellite navigation will also come standard, and upper versions will bring extras such as leather interior trim, a sunroof and larger, nicer-looking alloy wheels.

There will be four versions of the new Mazda CX-9, from the entry-level Sport, via the mid and high level Touring and GT, to the flagship Azami, with a choice of front-wheel-drive or on-demand all-wheel-drive.

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