WA outlaws use of radar detectors with hefty fines

WA to join other Australian jurisdictions by banning the use of radar detectors

radar detector ban

West Australians are being warned to cease using radar detectors within the next two weeks or face a $1200 on-the-spot fine and the accrual of seven demerit points. 

The proposed laws were first introduced in June 2020, but will now be passed as legislation as of October 12, meaning all radar detector users must remove their equipment – working or not – before that deadline.

Radar detectors can detect speed cameras operated by the police force from a distance, giving users enough time to reduce their speed and skirt a potential fine. 

A radar detector ban has already been in place for years in every other Australian jurisdictions, the last of which banned them over two decades ago.

The threat of seven demerit points will really hit home during WA's double demerit weekends, which would result in an automatic loss of licence for someone caught using a radar detector. 

This video illustrates the extreme lengths police will go to catch speeding drivers

As well, truck drivers will receive a larger $1,500 infringement and seven demerit points. 

The Western Australian government attributes the causes of a majority of deadly crashes in the state to speed, which is part of the reason for the introduction of this new law. 

It follows the recent banning of laser jammers and electronic scramblers, which carry the same infringement penalties. 

"It's taken Western Australia 20 years to catch up with the rest of the country, but I'm pleased we have at long last been able to ban radar detectors,” said police and road safety minister Michelle Roberts.

"We are deliberately giving people plenty of warning before these new penalties come into effect. If you've got one of these devices on your vehicle, then get rid of it. 

“These devices have always been about enabling people to speed without being caught and I'm really glad this Government is putting a stop to it."


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