1. The new Audi A4 Allroad debuts an updated version of Audi’s well-known all-wheel-drive system. It doesn’t just have quattro, but “quattro with ultra technology”. Clutches at either end of the shaft that takes power to the rear wheels can be disengaged, isolating it from the rest of the drivetrain. On a dry road the shaft doesn’t move, and this saves a little fuel. The system goes into the turbo petrol version of the A4 Allroad for now, but is sure to be adopted for other quattro Audis in the future.

  2. Petrol power will be an option in the new A4 Allroad quattro. The current model, introduced back in 2012, has always come only with a four-cylinder turbo diesel. The new one, arriving in September, will come also with a turbo four-cylinder petrol engine.

  3. Both petrol 2.0 TFSI and diesel 2.0 TDI versions of the new A4 Allroad quattro will come with the same level of standard equipment.

  4. Compared with an A4 Avant wagon, the Allroad quattro has a useful 34mm more ground clearance. It also gains an extra ‘Offroad’ mode in its Drive Select options menu, designed to maximise the quattro system’s slippery surface traction.

  5. The wheel designs for the A4 Allroad quattro aren’t used on any other Audi A4 model.

  6. Audi Australia is evaluating whether to add a range-topping 3.0-litre V6 turbo diesel version to the A4 Allroad line-up after the September launch of the four-cylinder turbo petrol and diesel models.