Jaguar XE Quick Review

By Anna Kantilaftas, 10 Feb 2016 Car Reviews

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Jaguar XE Quick Review

The stylish and well-equipped Jaguar XE has arrived to a warm reception, finalising for the WhichCar Style Awards 2016.

The Jaguar XE may not have the ‘Old Hollywood’ vibe like Jags of yore, yet it has entered the mid-size premium sedan market with a bang featuring as a finalist in Wheels Car Of The Year and the WhichCar Style Awards for 2016.


  • The XE is packed with standard gear. Even the base model 20t Prestige comes packed with equipment such as emergency braking, park assist and 360 degree camera.
  • It looks elegant. The XE is an attractive, strong looking sedan. The front grille and cat eye headlights give it a real sense of toughness.
  • It measures in at a decent price for a prestige brand, so people can now own the big cat nameplate affordably.
  • It drives well. It’s sportier than its competitors and drives like a prestige sedan should.


  • There are a bunch of excellent options to choose from to take the Jaguar XE up a notch. But they will cost you.
  • It’s also missing the classic Jag-like qualities people look for in the brand, like the woodgrain trim on the interiors.
  • It’s not as fuel efficient as its competitors.
  • The XE only features six airbags which is also less than other mid-six sedans.

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