• The RS 275 Cup Premium is the top-of-the-range special edition RS 275 Trophy R with a slightly softer edge, meaning it keeps sound deadening and its rear seats to save you from going mad during commuting. There are also adjustable two-piece Recaros, 19-inch wheels, an Alcantara steering wheel, titanium exhaust, stickier tyres, and a ‘Zamac’ gearknob to help justify its $9000 premium over a regular RS 265
  • In sport mode the car sounds deliciously evil, with pops and crackles from the exhaust. Great if you’re in to a bit of theatre. 
  • The feedback from its controls makes you feel like a driving god on windy roads… a place where few cars can match it.
  • After being facelifted in 2014 the Megane is a right looker, mixing toughness and aggressiveness nicely


  • The ride is firm. Expect to bobble around over poor roads and feel pretty much everything through the seat.
  • Shifting ain’t as fun as it should be, as the transmission feels a little notchy. There are better manual gearboxes out there if you’re a DIY diehard.
  • Renault’s already superseded the standard Megane overseas, so expect a new RS to follow. If it turns out to be worse, that’s great if you’re interested in buying this one, but bad if you’re a sucker for the latest and greatest.
  • Its idiosyncrasies. The slanted speedometer dial makes it impossible to tell your speed from a glance, so you must have it displayed on the LCD screen. While the cruise control switch is located in an awkward position on the centre console.
  • Nine grand is a whole lot more to pay over the regular Megane RS, a car which offers 90 per cent of the experience.

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