• If you like to drive quickly, or frequently attend track days, this Megane is one of the fastest, most involving and most enjoyable ways of spending $62,000.
  • It’s light. Like, really light. Renault has cut 101kg from the Trophy-R, which combined with super-sticky semi-slick tyres means it’s as agile as a house fly
  • It’s wickedly fast too, and easy to drive. The Trophy R’s 2.0-litre turbo engine produces more power than a regular Megane RS and can hit 0-100km/h in just 5.8 seconds. And the best bit is that while its performance might sound intimidating, the Trophy R is actually forgiving to drive. Its chassis is so grippy and well balanced it can make mere mortals feel like racing drivers.
  • It sounds fantastic. The Trophy R is fitted with a special titanium exhaust that manages to sound angry and high-tech, yet wonderfully old-school, all at once.
  • The only gearbox offered is a manual! Yep, no automatic transmissions here, and shifting gears on the Megane’s excellent six-speed manual only contributes to its engaging driving experience.


  • It’s not what you’d call comfortable. The front seats are fixed sports buckets, which while excellent at stopping you from moving around during hard cornering, can become extremely uncomfortable on long trips.
  • There’s also no sound deadening, so there’s plenty of tyre and engine noise, which can get tiring.
  • No back seat means you’ll only be able to impress one passenger at a time with the Megane’s supercar-like performance. But at least there’s plenty of room for shopping in the boot!
  • Those red wheels and massive Trophy R stickers won’t be to everyone’s taste. Drive the Trophy R in city traffic and it’s easy to feel like an extra from The Fast and the Furious.
  • They’re only making 250 of them, and only 50 are coming to Australia. Boo!

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