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Snackable Review: Audi TT Roadster

12 Nov 2015 Car Reviews

Audi may have lopped off the TT’s roof, but as a sports car it doesn’t lose its head.

Snackable Review: Audi TT Roadster


  • Even by Audi standards, the TT has been a high watermark for the brand’s design portfolio and the new car, even in roadster form, takes that to new heights.
  • It still steers like a proper sports car.
  • Ten seconds. That’s all it takes for the fabric roof to stow itself away, and it’ll do it up to 50km/h.
  • Despite packing only a small 2.0-litre four the engine provides an enjoyable soundtrack, especially on upshifts.
  • Its interior design is like a jet fighter cockpit, only much, much more suave.
  • Plan on packing? The Roadster’s boot is decent, it could swallow a suitcase.
  • Gadget geeks will love the cluster integrated media system.


  • Audi makes you choose between a comfortable ride and jaw-dropping looks. The cheaper Sport trim Roadster comes with 18s on Continental rubber that irons out most bumpy road surfaces, but they certainly don’t fill out the car’s wheel wells as nicely as the 19s offered on the S line.
  • The S line’s 19s lose out on comfort for their style, and make you tense harder for pot holes.
  • It’s nowhere near as fast in a straight line as something like BMW’s M235i cabrio.
  • If you’re carrying a lot of gear on your person, you’ll be disappointed to know there is little storage space in the cabin.

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