• The power. With 441kW and 700Nm, you build yourself up to full throttle. Sustained full throttle is licence-annihilating. This thing is fast.
  • The grip. There’s lots of it, meaning the M6 can go around corners rather fast.
  • Mini corner-exit drifts. Even with ESP in ‘MDM’ half-off mode, the M6 will dance sideways out of corners in a most delicious way.
  • Duality of personalities. One minute it’s a docile traffic animal, press a few buttons and it’s ready to rip your face off. In a good way.
  • The interior. It’s a Bimmer, it’s got a nice interior. Leather and carbon fibre combine for a super high quality feel. It’s a nice place to sit.


  • Equal parts frightening and thrilling. Driving fast, you feel ever-so-slightly insulated from the car. With so much grunt and grip, it can be unnerving.
  • Can feel enormous during cornering. 1850kg isn’t that much, but driven up a twisty road the M6 reveals a talent for making every kilo known.
  • The noise. We’re on the fence. You can tell it’s a V8, but it’s a bit computer-ish. Not sure if it sounds purposeful and technical, or a bit artificial.
  • Cornering in general. It’ll do corners competently and accurately, but a little unsatisfyingly. It’s made for autobahns more than twisty roads.
  • Starting to feel a little ‘last generation’. A new generation 6-Series and M6 is due 2017. That’s not that far away, really.

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