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Snackable Review: BMW X6M

16 Oct 2015 Car Reviews

Snackable Review: BMW X6M

BMW’s X6 likes to think it’s big on style, and thanks to an M badge, also on performance.


  • Brutal, brutal speed from its 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8. Something this big shouldn’t be so fast in a straight line, but it is.
  • It bombs along mountain roads with surprising poise. Those big tyres grip up on mountain passes.
  • The eight-speed transmission is polite, smooth, and a worthy companion for stop-start traffic and situations where you need to creep the car, like soft-roading over terrain
  • Its front pews aren’t only gorgeous to look at, they’re also great to sit in. You can even adjust how tight you want them to grab you.
  • From some angles the car manages to blend style and aggression quite nicely. We like it from a rear three quarter view.


  • Don’t expect this thing to emerge unscathed from soft-road situations, if it’s easy to kiss a kerb in the city, so those huge rims will eventually nick something out in the wilderness.
  • Expect to pay a lot to replace such huge tyres, especially for the stock standard Michelin performance rubber.
  • The rear-end can feel a little unhinged when driven fast over rough surfaces.
  • Conceptually the car is at a loss. A performance SUV coupe? An oxymoron at its finest.
  • Coupe body shape steals a little rear headroom.
  • As good as it is, when hustling, the eight-speed will stutter on the down change from third to second.

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