• Italians know style, so it’s no surprise Fiat makes aesthetics a major priority, and the 500X’s curvaceous lines displays everything we know about body shapes from 2015. Plus, anything that has us pretending we’re winding through the streets of Rome gets a big swipe-right from us.
  • Interior styling is no different, if not up a notch. It’s exactly what you’d expect in a Fiat with dark tan leather trim and metal-look finishes.
  • For a 1.4-litre, four-cylinder petrol engine (it’s a small one), it provides plenty of power – you’ll get plenty of force when you push down on the accelerator.
  • It’s a small, soft-roader SUV, so you’re basically getting a big-city car with plenty of flair.


  • Space. Okay so we know this is Fiat’s addition to the small-SUV market, but this baby SUV is underwhelming when it comes to space in the back seats. Fine for children or small adults, not ideal for those with a bit of extra height.
  • On larger bumps, the Fiat 500X behaves itself and soaks up as much it as it can, but it doesn’t enjoy those small, sharp lumps and it makes sure you know about it.
  • Front seats aren’t as comfortable as they could be with minimal lumbar support.
  • We know we said we liked the interior, and we do. But the plastics could be of better standard. I mean, we like lower costs and all, and if we’re going to compromise, we’re happy to do it this way, but ideally we’d like them to feel less… well… cheap! Okay, thanks!