Snackable Review: Lexus NX 300h

17 Jul 2015 Car Reviews

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Snackable Review: Lexus NX 300h

Hybrids are the way of the future, but without diesel option, some may question the character of the Lexus NX 300h.


  • For those less concerned about the power and more worried about the environment, its fuel-efficiency and greener reputation of its petrol-electric hybrid engine will be more appealing.
  • As you’d expect from a Lexus, its luxurious interior is an added bonus to its high level of standard gear.
  • It’s up there in the value stakes offering electric steering wheel adjustment, heated seats and reverse camera.
  • For those who love their music, there are 10 speakers scattered through this car. So be sure to turn it up.
  • We like the Lexus Enform communication system, which connects to your smartphone and also does pretty clever things like tell you the weather, locate the closest petrol station or even contact Lexus.


  • It doesn’t boast a lot of space, but nor is it notably uncomfortable.
  • There could probably be a bit more depth in the seats, but it’s not really a deal breaker.
  • The absence of a diesel option means this SUV lacks grunt.
  • It’s also loaded with a whole heap of safety gear adding to the family appeal.
  • The NX features Lexus’ newest technology in the ‘Lexus Remote Tough’ interface, which is essentially a touch pad. While it’s a pretty cool feature, it’s very sensitive and takes a bit of getting used to. It kind of sits in the middle ground.


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