Snackable Review: Mazda CX-3

Surf board, handsome man, pretty lady, road trips, city scape, lifestyle. Cue the Mazda CX-3, everything you want in a small SUV.

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  • Efficiency. We talk about it a lot when it comes to cars. But with the cost of fuel going up and up and up, it’s hard to ignore it. And when an SUV is claiming a fuel range of 4.8L/100km, you know you’ve got yourself a winner. In car talk, that’s really, really good!
  • Insert Coco Chanel quote about style here. Yep, the CX-3 has one thing almost every woman looks for in a car, style. In car talk, they call it “styling”, and what they mean is something different to most of our perceptions of ‘stylish’ but basically, the car looks good, which is a big thumbs up from us.
  • It’s small for an SUV. None of this big, obnoxious, soccer-mum business — no one is going to hate you for driving this beauty.
  • Starting at a pretty decent entry price, we’re not surprised at the popularity of this Mazda. For what you get (as in all the equipment), it’s A-grade.


  • With an SUV you expect space, but while the CX-3 beats the Mazda 2 slightly in space in the back, it doesn’t quite do it for us when compared to others in its league.
  • Road noise. Basically, this is car-speak for the annoying noise tyres make when they roll over the road, and in some cars this is worse than others. Like in the CX-3. We’re sorry for bringing this to your attention; you won’t be able to avoid it now.
  • The All-Wheel Drive models are better than the lower-priced Front-Wheel Drive. Not quite a deal breaker but you know we’ve got to find something to complain about.
  • The diesel versions are a bit slow off the mark. If you’ve ever driven a diesel, you’ll know this is standard compared to a petrol engine, but it’s just that little bit more obvious in a CX-3, so in this case, it’s a con.

 Click here to read the full review on the Mazda CX-3.


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