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Snackable Review: Suzuki Jimny Sierra

06 Nov 2015 Car Reviews

Snackable Review: Suzuki Jimny Sierra

The Suzuki Jimny has been taking to Australian roads since 1998. This capable off-roader not only looks good but also comes at an affordable price.


  • Price. The Suzuki Jimny is an affordable option for those who want 4WD capabilities but don’t want to spend a lot.
  • Weight. The Jimny is light so it makes for an easy to drive and a hell-of-a lot of fun off-roader.
  • Visibility. It has nice wide, tall windows so it’s easy to see what’s around you.
  • Economy. This little 4WD clocks some pretty good fuel figures on-road.
  • Fun. For all its faults, it’s a fun little car that makes for ok weekday transportation but really turns into a butterfly when you get it off-road.  
  • 2015 model introduces electronic stability control.


  • Lacks power. The engine lacks power so getting to speeds on highways and freeways can be a bit frustrating.
  • Boot space. While it’s high and can probably fit a suitcase, any odd-shaped luggage can become a problem. On a trip to the market, we had to fold down the back seats just to fit our market trolley.
  • Bumpy. The Jimny is a short-wheelbase vehicle, so bad or bumpy roads make it a little uncomfortable.
  • Comfort. Suzuki’s mini-4WD is based on an old-fashioned setup. The wheel doesn’t move, the cabin is narrow and the seats aren’t the most comfortable.

Click here to find out more about the Suzuki Jimny.

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