• Value. Its standard features are aplenty. Sat nav, reverse camera, touchscreen, Bluetooth, cruise control, speed limiter and LED lights.
  • Quiet and comfortable cabin.
  • Nice to drive with decent steering.
  • Style. It’s good-looking in an androgynous kind of way with an airy and spacious interior.
  • Storage. At 375 litres, the boot is big enough to fit a couple of large suitcases, and there are plenty of other little spots to store other items, such as under the removable floor in the boot.  


  • On the go. The Suzuki Vitara lacks a bit of torque and there’s occasionally a hesitation on the accelerator in the automatic.
  • The use of an analogue speedo is a bit dated. Maybe it’s an attempt to revisit vintage, but I don’t think we’re at that point yet.
  • Technology. We’re wondering why Suzuki have left out driver-assist technologies like emergency braking.

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