• The Toyota Camry is not short on space. In most guises, it can comfortably fit three adults in the back seat.
  • For city driving, the hybrid engine records good figures in the fuel efficiency stakes and is available in all models (except the sporty Atara SX) (Cost an extra $3000-4000 for hybrid engines).
  • For those looking at regular long drives, the petrol engine is the better option.
  • Parking sensors and Toyota’s satellite communication system, ToyotaLink, is available in all models (except the base Altise).
  • There’s plenty of value in the Toyota Camry. It’s quite a bit cheaper than predecessors ($5000 cheaper) and others in its league, and the price-jumps between the models are more reasonable.
  • Given its popularity amongst families and businesses, it’s no surprise Toyota has put an emphasis on the Camry’s safety package.


  • It has plenty of boot space, but the hybrid models come at a sacrifice of cargo to make room for the batteries (94 litres smaller).
  • Camry’s may not be an overly exciting car, even with a new design to the exterior, but then again, its focus is on comfort, and the newest version is no different.
  • White is the only standard colour available, so be prepared to spend more for a pick of its other nine colour choices (extra $450).
  • The interior of the Camry is nothing special and a little bland.
  • The lower profile tyres on the bigger wheels may ride more roughly and cost more to replace.

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