Here are the craziest Tesla mods we've seen

How do you know if someone owns a Tesla? Don't worry, they'll tell you about it

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Tesla owners are a special bunch. Some are hell-bent on touting all the positives of electric car ownership, some are die-hard Elon Musk fan-boys defending him to the ends of the Earth. And there are a few that even take matters into their own hands to create one-of-a-kind creations like the recently-converted Model 3 fitted with snow tracks.

Youtuber lowlifeduramax took his Model 3 – which recently won the WhichCar Style Award – and engaged a manufacturing facility in British Columbia to mount a pair of snow tracks in place of the rear wheels.

You can see the Model 3 traversing a snowmobile trail in the video; it is a rudimentary set up but nonetheless got us thinking about some of our favourite Tesla mods we’ve seen so far. 


Like this Tesla-turned-truck that fellow Youtuber Simone Giertz built after being fed up of waiting for Tesla to debut an electric pickup truck. Truckla, as it’s affectionately known, was built by a team lead by Simone who cut up her then-new Model 3 to create a single-cab ute similar to the Holden and Ford utes Australians are used to.

Tesla key wrist implant

We’re not going to lie, this one freaks us out a little, but Tesla Model 3 owner Amie DD implanted an RFID chip into her forearm in order to unlock her car without the need for a key.

Usually owners would need to use their phone or a swipe card to unlock the Model 3, but Amie implanted the chip from the key card into her wrist. We did say that Tesla owners are special.

Model S shooting brake

Turning back to more conventional modifications, London-based design house Neils van Roij created a shooting brake-style wagon out of a Model S, aptly named the Model SB. Many have tried before to make a Tesla wagon, but none such efforts pull it off quite like this stunning British Racing Green example.

Three-motor Model S

Ever since Porsche took its Taycan Turbo S to the Nurburgring and set a blisteringly-fast time, Tesla watched with keen interest ready to take the title themselves. While it mightn’t be a production model just yet, Tesla developed a three-motor 'Plaid powertrain' Model S that also featured a new ‘chassis prototype’. They unofficially took back the record but we feel like Tesla isn’t quite done here yet – watch this space.

Tesla Model S Faster Than Porsche Taycan Nurburgring Claim 281 29 Jpg


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