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2017 WhichCar Style Awards: Top 4 style features of the Honda Civic

27 Jan 2017 Car Style

The shouty ‘look-at-me’ attitude of the Honda Civic had our judges polarised.

2017 WhichCar Style Awards: Top 4 style features of the Honda Civic

Honda Australia says the 10th generation of the Honda Civic is the “largest single model development programme in the company’s history.”

Undergoing a bold all-new re-design, the transformation comes off the back of strong European sales for the brand and according to Honda; it “demanded new thinking and new approaches to body construction, vehicle aerodynamics and chassis design.”

The result is a bold, polarising and eye-catching car that had our WhichCar Style Awards judges and panel of experts split.

  1. The exterior attempts to channel a sportier character. The Civic is larger in width and length than its predecessor, and it also sits lower to the ground. But judges described the Civic as “busy” with its sharp lines, front and rear air intakes and pronounced features make it look like Honda designers have tried to fit a lot of styling cues into one design. But it’s this daring exterior that had some judges applauding the Civic’s designers and others lamenting them.

  2. It’s this boldness, however, that made the Honda Civic an eye-catching design. The exterior design of the Honda makes a really powerful statement for the brand. As one judge said, the Civic’s design shouts ‘look at me. I’m a Honda, and I’m proud and I like to stand out from the crowd.’

  3. Inside, the interior of the Civic is spacious. It’s a functional, practical design. In fact, Honda claims its passenger and cargo spaces are class-leading in terms of style.

  4. While the exterior has a busy, somewhat over-designed façade, the interior manages to pull off a sophisticated look with premium fit and finish. This, however, creates a disconnect. While the shouty exterior screams for attention, the interior plays it safe.