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Large SUV/4WD: Gold Star Value Awards 2015

By James Whitbourn, 16 Sep 2015 Best Value Cars

Large SUV/4WD: Gold Star Value Awards 2015

Smooth beats rough but you can have either

Smooth beats rough but you can have either.

Ford Territory TX petrol

Ford -Territory -TX-PetrolMANY in this category major on off-roadability, but the Tezza shines on tarmac. It kicks off its Gold Star Value Awards campaign with a tantalisingly low entry price – the TX wears a $37,490 sticker – and although it’s on the thirsty side (10.2L/100km), it’s happy on regular 91-octane petrol. It’s also among the least costly to insure in class – about $990 per year – and boasts a 12-month service interval.

The Territory, in updated and facelifted 2015 form, remains a great buy despite having been on sale for more than a decade. And if your big wagon will mainly live on the road, the Ford is a better bet than most 4x4s.

Mitsubishi Pajero GLX diesel

Mitsubishi -Pajero -GLX-DieselSOMETHING of a serial Gold Star Value Awards podium finisher, the Pajero brings fundamental strengths such as an affordable purchase price, generous five-year warranty and decent economy (8.4L/100km).

Mazda CX-9 Classic

Mazda -CX-9-ClassicTHE big Mazda wagon is more SUV than bush-basher. Relatively thirsty V6 stops it from climbing higher than third, but the CX-9 is backed by an appealingly low entry price, stout resale and a long service interval.

Large SUV/4WD Ford Territory TX 4.0i auto RWD Mitsubishi Pajero GLX DiD man Mazda CX-9 Classic
Purchase Price $37,490 $50,990 $43,770
Combined cycle fuel (L/100km) 10.2 8.4 11
Fuel RON (min. rec.) 91 D 91
Three-year fuel cost $5822 $5077 $6279
Redbook resale (%) 55.6 60.1 60.0
Three-year depreciation $16,646 $20,345 $17,508
AAMI insurance premium $989 $1169 $1096
Service interval (months) 12 12 12
Warranty (years) 3 5 3