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Drag Race: Audi S1 vs VW Golf R

By Scott Newman, 27 May 2015 Features

Two of VAG's hottest hatches face off on the strip

Drag Race: Audi S1 vs VW Golf R

Here we have two hot hatches with the same engine, both all-wheel drive, both with very similar power-to-weight ratios, but the question is: which is faster?

The 206kW/380Nm VW Golf R has the advantage of more power and torque, but the 170kW/370Nm Audi S1 counters with around 100kg less weight.

Given how similar the two cars are on paper, the difference could come down to transmission. VW only had a DSG-equipped Golf R, whereas Audi only offers the S1 with a manual 'box.

Place your bets and watch the video above to discover the winner!

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