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Modified 1000kW Godzilla conquers Kawasaki H2R

By Louis Cordony, 25 May 2015 Features

Kawasaki H2R bullet bike silenced by monster R35 GT-R

Modified 1000kW Godzilla conquers Kawasaki H2R

What car would you need to silence the ultimate two-wheeled foe if a Bugatti Veyron isn’t fast enough? Nissan’s R35 GT-R in a heavily modified tune, apparently.

As part of Super Street magazine’s hyperbike versus supercars feature, Kawasaki’s recently released H2R was given the chance to prove its speed over a 600m roll-on drag race against a fast car (McLaren 12C), really fast car (889kW Bugatti Veyron), and the fastest car there (1006kW Nissan GT-R) in California.

Thoroughly built for speed, the odds were skewed in the bike's favour. And the H2R’s frightening power to weight ratio of 1048kW-per-tonne saw it obliterate the McLaren before proceeding to spank the Bugatti.

When it came to the Nissan GT-R modified by SP Engineering, though, the Kawasaki had met its match.

Stuffed with a colossal 1006kW, the parachute-endowed Nissan had to bow out from its first two runs thanks to “clutch pressure issues” according to Super Street. However on its third run, it was given the chance to prove its potential against the world’s fastest production bike and why the GT-R is better known as Godzilla…

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