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VIDEO: Kimi Raikkonen drifting a Ferrari F12

By Scott Newman, 19 Nov 2014 Features

Finnish F1 star thrashes Ferrari’s finest around Fiorano

VIDEO: Kimi Raikkonen drifting a Ferrari F12

It’s not often we’ll plug another media outlet, but some footage is too good not too share.

Selected European journalists recently attended a track day at Fiorano (the lucky sods) and at the end of the day a certain Kimi Raikkonen appeared to show them they couldn’t actually drive worth a damn.

As supercars go, the F12 is actually a pretty friendly device, but that’s like saying as sharks go, a Tiger isn’t anywhere near as scary as a Great White.

Unleashing a 545kW rear-driver on a damp surface should be the stuff of white knuckles and clenched teeth, but nobody appears to have told the laid-back Finn, who nonchalantly chats to his terrified passenger in that distinctive monotone.

The picture on the main page should give you some idea of what to expect; that’s Kimi with half a turn of opposite lock (the F12 only has 1.8 turns lock-to-lock) at 150km/h. One handed. It’s a breathtaking reminder of just how good modern F1 drivers are.

Given his infamous distaste of PR gigs, it’s amazing Kimi showed up at all, but you’d have to be dead inside to pass up the opportunity to flog an F12 around a racetrack, especially as when your current one runs out of tyres, the helpful Ferrari people line up another for you.

If you’ve got any other favourite videos of F1 drivers in road cars, share them below. Otherwise, which race or rally driver would you most like to passenger with, in what car and where?