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BMW Australia readying 700Nm Alpina models

By Daniel DeGasperi, 13 Oct 2015 News

BMW Australia readying 700Nm Alpina models

Performance that doesn’t start with an M might soon be coming to a BMW dealer near you

How does a BMW 435i coupe with 600Nm of torque and a 4.2sec 0-100km/h sound to you? Something like a BMW M4, you might answer.

Where the halo M4 only gets 550Nm, however, the 435i as tuned by German company Alpina can produce 50Nm more, although with 301kW of power (versus the M-car’s 317kW) it is a tenth slower to 100km/h.

The Alpina BMW B4 bi-turbo coupe, as the tuned 435i is known overseas, is on the cards for an Australian introduction. Alpina is an individual company, but is BMW factory-backed with full warranty support. That’s why BMW Australia is keen to see the introduction of this very niche sports brand and it is currently in the early stages of a feasibility study and local testing.

“There has been a [Alpina] vehicle brought into the country,” confirmed BMW Australia corporate communications manager Lenore Fletcher.

Alpina BMW B4 bi turbo coupe interior“Australia has such a high appetite for performance vehicles that we are extremely interested in any individual vehicles that we can bring in for our customers.”

Asked whether Alpina could tread on the toes of some BMW M cars, Fletcher replied, “I think that would depend on the business model and how the entire operation is set-up, and that is something we’re looking at at the moment.

“It is possible to do this and it is possible to bring the two [Alpina and M] in. One of the things we are renowned for is offering our customers a choice, and I think this really falls under that umbrella.”

With the 435i coupe priced at $108,140 and the M4 coupe retailing from $149,900, it leaves a $40K gap in which the Alpina BMW B4 bi-turbo coupe can play.

Alpina -BMW B4 bi turbo coupe b5Its 3.0-litre straight six gets two turbochargers – versus the single twin-scroll unit in the 435i – with a forged crankshaft and high capacity intercooler some of Alpina’s changes to the design.

An eight-speed automatic is the only option, an Akropovic exhaust helps the six sound fruitier, while 20-inch tyres assist in putting grunt to the ground at the rear.

Other Alpina productions for consideration include the 550i-based BMW Alpina B7 bi-turbo with an M5-beating 700Nm as well as 373kW from a tuned 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8. The 550i has been dropped from our market, largely replaced by the new $185,000 M5 Pure Edition.

Alpina -BMW--bi -turbo -coupe -b6There’s also the Alpina BMW B6 bi-turbo coupe with 397kW and the same torque from the same engine as the 550i, as also installed in the 650i coupe. Currently $60K separates $231,900 650i coupe and $292,600 M6 coupe.