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Dodge Viper ACR beats previous Nürburgring lap time before crashing

By Chris Thompson | Pics: Colin Fox & BridgeToGantry, 04 Sep 2017 News

Tyre blow-out and mechanical problems complicate crowd-funded ‘Ring record attempt.

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The record attempt Dodge Viper ACR backed by a GoFundMe has beaten its previous attempt with a lap time of 7:01.03.

With racer Lance Arnold at the wheel, the two seconds shaved from the time were achieved on the first lap, and with some issues still present in the car.

According to organisers of the attempt, former DJ and entrepreneur Russ Oasis and Viper Exchange owner Bernie Katz (who supplied the cars), Arnold was still getting used to the car when he achieved the lap time.

Dodge Viper ACR Nurburgring teamIn addition the driver of the other Viper involved in the attempt, Luca Stolz, suffered mechanical issue which forced that car out of the running.

“He had a tire failure at a high speed (left front) on the final straight. We put some fresh rubber on his car and sent him back out,” Oasis said in a statement.

“Unfortunately, the next thing that happened was our own fault. In changing the differential fluid, the drain plug was only finger tightened and mistake slipped through the cracks.

“Oil leaked out until there was too little left in the diff and it broke. We were now down to one car.”

Dodge Viper ACR frontAfter this, they sent out Arnold in the other car, which had been prepared to a better degree. That’s when he achieved the new Viper record of 7:01.03.

“We were elated. We couldn't wait to see the time for his second lap,” Oasis continued.

“It was then that we were informed that there was a problem.

“Apparently, his left front tire – like Luca's – had a sidewall failure at about 160mph (257.4km/h) while he was in a corner. He ALMOST saved it but the car brushed the left guard rail ever so lightly.

Dodge Viper ACR Nürburgring lap“At that speed, anything that upsets the car is bad, so it slid across the track and contacted the right guard rail.”

Whether they’ll head back in future and aim for a time of 6:50-something (which seems achievable given better circumstances) is uncertain, as the team says they’re out of time and money.

In addition, money continuing to be raised by the GoFundMe is now being put towards the track repairs, as well as that of the cars.