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Dodge Viper farewell video a smoky tribute

By Scott Newman, 13 Apr 2017 News

Cheesy plot, smoky burnouts, big revs – an apt farewell to mighty Viper

dodge viper airbourne

Stolen car? Check. Sizeable reward? Gotcha. What about an 8.4-litre V10 at redline, V8EATR plates, big sideways manoeuvres and airborne jumps through deserted city streets? Of course. This Dodge Viper farewell video is a smoky tribute that has them all.

Australia may be losing its whole manufacturing industry as well as its rear-wheel drive, V8 heritage in 2017, but after three generations spanning 25 years (excepting a brief hiatus from 2010 to 2013) the Yanks will also this year lose their most Yankee of all supercars.

Dodge Viper last video airbourne

The plot of the video created by Penzoil is simple. A reward is up for grabs for someone to find a stolen yellow Viper SRT. A mysterious figure – Hollywood stunt driver Rhys Millen – finds it and cranks it over in a warehouse where villain is about to stash cash in its boot.

Filmed in Miami, the best bit is hearing the V10 wail through shipping yards and empty arterials while rarely, if ever, heading in a straight line. Or if it is, it isn’t on the ground.

Dodge Viper last video drift

Dodge has built 30,000 Vipers in Detroit since 1992, the current generation of which was widely recognised as the most capable in a straight line and through corners.

Goodbye to Viper is also farewell to the torqueiest atmo sports car engine in the world, making 477kW/813Nm in its final spec. We reckon the video – which debuted at this week’s New York auto show as Dodge unveiled its V8-engined Challenger Hellcat – does it justice.