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Equus Automotive builds 746kW ‘Throwback’ Corvette

By Chris Thompson, 20 Mar 2018 News

Redesigned ‘Vette has some mean looks and the power to back it up

Equus Throwback Corvette main

This isn’t a Corvette. It’s the Equus Throwback.

Okay, so it is a Corvette, sort of.

But this Corvette has been restyled, and given a little bit more grunt by Equus Automotive, creator of the Bass770.

The retro-inspired Throwback is a limited model, with only 25 planned by the Detroit-based company, which utilises the ‘Vette as a basis to create a “significantly upgraded” muscle car.

The Corvette’s supercharged V8 can be tuned to an output of 746kW and 1114Nm. Equus says it’s capable of a 2.5-second run to 97km/h (60mph), and has a top speed of 354km/h.

Equus Autmotive’s goal with the Throwback was to inspire a sense of nostalgia in muscle car fans while providing a car with modern-day usability.

“The Throwback model uses unique styling language in its outer skin to create a breathtaking vision of the ultimate Corvette. Equus takes the customer down memory lane to an era when Corvettes were synonymous with performance and class.

“The Throwback can be personalized for the design orientated drivers or for the fastest paced performance centric customer, always emphasizing the original love of an icon, desire for innovation and uncompromised quality.

“Just as companies like Brabus and Alpina focus on European brands, Equus Automotive is focused on providing American Sports car lovers the ultimate interpretation of todayʼs designs.

“The Throwback will be a limited production model of 25 cars, ensuring collector status and exclusivity.”

The Throwback will cost a minimum of USD$130,000 in the US, with chances of any Australian deliveries seemingly very low.