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F1-inspired superbike

By Ryan Lewis, 21 Feb 2014 News

Lotus C-01

Lotus C-01 is the motorcycle that F1 built

The Lotus C-01 motorcycle has been in development for two years and has finally seen the light of day. And it’s stunning.

Although a Lotus in name only, Lotus F1 technology and materials have inspired the C-01 project. It will be built by German manufacturer Kodewa Performance Motorcycles in conjunction with Lotus.

The bike was penned by German designer Daniel Simon, who is best-known for creating the vehicles of Tron: Legacy and his work as senior designer for Bugatti.

Lotus calls the C-01 a “hyper bike with integrated racing technology”. The frame is fabricated from aerospace-quality steel, titanium and carbon-fibre, as used in Formula 1.

The gorgeous exterior panels are formed from carbon-fibre, giving an overall weight of just 180kg.

Turning the rear wheel is a 1195cc v-twin engine producing 149kW.

But don’t  be fooled into thinking this is a one-off prototype marketing device. The C-01 as you see it is the real deal. It will be built.

Lotus plans to release 100 of them, so getting your name on the list will be the first obstacle.

No pricing information is available at this stage, but those lucky enough to get their hands on one will be able to select from an assortment of customisable paint schemes and race decals.

We’ll take one in JPS livery, thanks.