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F80 concept: the next LaFerrari?

By Louis Cordony, 01 Sep 2014 News

F80 concept: the next LaFerrari?

Seducing concept hints at what the next LaFerrari could look like

Holster your cheque books. The swooping F80 Concept sculpture sending car fans loony is nothing more than a rendered design.

It’s no way affiliated with Ferrari and has no plans to even go near production.

Named simply as the ‘F80 Concept’, the futuristic design, by Italian designer student Adriano Raeli, is an artist’s impression on what the LaFerrari’s successor would look like.

The F80 Concept was designed to be the pinnacle of performance, taking inspiration from Formula One and NGAD fighters – concept stealth jets. And you can tell, its air cheating shape hides push-rod suspensions arms, it’s flanked by F1-style side-pods and its tyres run an extremely aggressive tyre profile.

If it were real, the F80’s two passengers would be harnessed in a tandem-style seating arrangement (like the NGAD jet fighters), and behind them, mounted mid-ship, would be a twin-turbo V8 – that spins to 16000rpm – coupled with a KERS system.

The power unit is fantasised to make 895kW and push its 800kg to 100km/h in 2.2sec before making its way to a 500km/h top speed. And while there are Disney films more believable than such figures, the car’s visual punch makes it at least half coherent.

Raeli’s website suggests the F80 would be aimed at buyers like Pink Floyd drummer and well-known car nut Nick Mason, based on his “unparalleled personality”.

However, if the next LaFerrari looked like this we’re sure Ferrari wouldn’t have to look far to find keen cash-laden customers. The F80 Concept sculpture has arrested the automotive world’s attention with little surprise. It’s simply stunning.