Ford F-250R MegaRaptors and SuperRaptors

If you want to take a Ford F-250 off-road, this might be the best way to do it.

F250R MegaRaptormain

If you thought the Shelby Super Snake F-150 wasn’t ‘Murican enough, you’re in luck.

“Take a Ford F-250 with brute diesel power and a strong straight axle up front.  It's a solid truck, but simply doesn't have the sport look people want, nor any off-road capability.”

That’s the starting point for Jeremy Dixon’s idea to strip down F-250s and make them into insane-looking 4X4 beasts.

F250R MegaRaptor
“I decided to design and build a truck based on several key points, to give the owner the best truck possible, at a reasonable price.”

Bigger and wider tyres, larger fenders, less bodywork and a longer wheelbase are on the checklist, as well as a lift – obviously – plus the new body parts are made of “super strong fiberglass.”

“We have been building and selling Ford Superduty trucks for over 20 years. 

“Lifted Ford trucks are a specialty we mastered long ago, and were one of the first off road shops in the business.”

F250R MegaRaptor open
Conversions don’t usually cover the powertrain, though Dixon’s site says Ford’s 6.7-litre turbo diesel engine is the pick for these trucks, and implores his customers to buy something with that engine before sending it to him for a conversion.

Mention diesel around some performance die-hards and they switch off. Sure 328kW is less than Cherokee SRT power, but 1254Nm should be enough to get them listening again.

“The MegaRaptors need the power and torque of the diesel to deal with the larger military wheels and tyres.”

F250R MegaRaptor and Hummer
Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like there’s any way to get one of these in Australia with any ease. You could always Move to Canada, as there’s a dealer for these conversions there…

Why does America get all the fun toys?


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