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Goodbye AMG Sport; hello Mercedes-AMG 43

By Alex Inwood, 18 Feb 2016 News

Goodbye AMG Sport; hello Mercedes-AMG 43

Badge change for half-way house performance range

MERCEDES is changing the name of its AMG Sport models to bring them into the AMG lineup proper. 

Mercedes-Benz introduced AMG Sport to rival the likes of BMW M Performance and Audi’s S line. But it has decided to reposition, and rechristen the halfway house models, which sit between the regular Mercedes-range and fully fledged AMG sportscars. 

The models will now be badged as Mercedes-AMG 43 to bring them into line with the rest of AMG’s nomenclature. 

So the current Mercedes-Benz C450 AMG will become the Mercedes-AMG C43. 

The Mercedes-Benz GLE 450 AMG will be the Mercedes-AMG GLE 43, and so on.

AMG boss Tobias Moers confirmed the change to Wheels. “It’s a new approach for the sport models,” he said. “We did something that was a good idea, but we saw we needed more acceptance for those cars. It’s important we bring them into our family; the cars stand for AMG so it’s not a problem.”

The first model to wear the new badge is the V6-powered Mercedes-AMG SLC43, shown at January’s Detroit motor show (and above). The Mercedes-AMG E43, based on the new W213 E-Class, will follow later this year.

“They’re part of the family, they’re part of AMG, the name stands for a different output under our full AMG engines,” said Moers.

“Everything we do with those cars, even with E Sport model, is the same we do with the C. We have a dedicated front axle, we have new suspension arms, different rear axle, we modify the four-wheel drive system, we modify the torque distribution of the front and rear axle and we even change the standard production engine. The gearbox calibration and engine calibration is done by us and you feel AMG in every millisecond you drive that car. So AMG stands not any more for one man one engine, AMG stands for performance brand

“And there is no dilution in technology and dynamics,” Moers added. “A lot of technology is the same between the performance cars and the sport models. It’s another entrance store into the AMG brand. Less price but still really good performance.”