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Holden Monaro with a BA Falcon front and a Mercedes 6.0-litre V12

By Chris Thompson, 06 Jun 2017 News

Monaro Falcon Mercedes Kuipe2

We have many, many questions

This car was something of an internet mystery.

People have posted pictures of this bizarre Monaro/Falcon in the past, but it seemed no one had the full story. Except the person who built it.

With 23 subscribers and less than 1000 views in the last five years, it’s no surprise not many people have seen Alex Kuiper’s YouTube videos.

A couple of short documentaries and a circle-work video give an insight into what makes someone do this.

Back then, it was a Monaro with a BA Falcon front end and enough bodywork changed that forum users have called it “a sacrilegious mess”.

It was running a 4.5-litre Nissan V8 (originally used in the ‘90s for the Nissan President and the Infiniti Q45) at the time of these videos, but has more recently been spotted with a 6.0-litre Mercedes M120 V12 in the snout.

It’s not going to be many peoples’ ‘cuppa tea’, but you have to at least give the bloke an A for effort.

Or, you can stick with the thought you probably had when you first saw it – one of confusion.

So much time and probably money has gone into this, even the tiny details on the back of the boot lid get a run though in the ‘Built with Steel’ video.

“We lengthened the ducktail and added and closed in the number plate hole to match the Aston Martin DB9,” Alex explains. The ducktail is lengthened, but we can’t pretend that anything on this car looks like it was based on an Aston Martin.

Oh, and the rear plate opens up to reveal a reversing camera.

Look, we’re not saying we like it. Or even that we condone doing this to Monaros and Falcons. But at least this guy has his dream car. Even if it’s everyone else’s nightmare.