This is seriously the Baskin Robbins ice-cream parlour for fast-car fans - the chance to buy driving rights to a smorgasbord of mouth-watering cars that would leave supercar enthusiasts weak at the knees.

The Supercar Club, who happen to have access to a shiny fleet of opulent cars, have developed Octane Supercar Events where, if you've got the cash to front, you can secure a seat in a Lambo Gallardo, cruise an Audi R8 through the streets of Melbourne, or lap the Ferrari 360CS around the paperclip in Queensland.

As a price guide, it'll cost you roughly $500 to sit tight in a Porsche 997 GT3 as it laps Eastern Creek, and for another 100 bucks you can drive the thing yourself.

The alternative to fanging around race-tracks are the Road Events. A string of 'drive days' are scheduled in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne in the coming months. The itinerary involves cruising through the city in each of a group of five seriously fast cars (each worth a few hundreds Gs), presumably turning heads along the way.

Road Events cost more than the single-car race days - you have to cough up extra for the 8-hour duration, and the variation of the drives, and you can even pay more and choose two flavours for a double-drive combo.

Included in the cost is a photoshoot with the car you rode in, and extras such as a DVD of your experience, a t-shirt and the like.