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Ken Block on a budget

By Chris Thompson, 02 May 2017 News

Fresh-faced stunt driver Tyler Witte has released a new Gymkhana video


You might not know who Tyler Witte is. We didn’t, but we certainly do now.

It turns out you don’t need a huge budget to be Ken Block, or at least do some of what he does.

Okay, he’s not as fast or precise as Block, and there’s not as much smoke, but consider that Witte is in a relatively basic Impreza. Not the Hoonicorn.

It turns out Witte has been doing this for a little while now, though he’s also got onboard rally videos going back five years on his channel.

And he’s come a long way. From a thirty-second video of him doing donuts to a stunt team credit in the Fate of the Furious film.

It would also appear, according to his IMDb page, that he’s got a stunt driving role in the upcoming heist film by Edgar Wright, Baby Driver.

In one of his older videos, it becomes more apparent how Witte has evolved as a driver. It’s also clear that he’s very honest about his stage in the learning process.

Titled Driver, the above video has our young Block-alike take a jump at the wrong angle and nosedive into the ground.

It’s refreshingly honest that he left that footage in.

Tyler Witte crashed Subaru Impreza
“There’s all kinds of challenges you’re faced with… knowing you have so much money invested in this – every last dime you’ve got – and then you end up breaking stuff like axles or diffs,” he says.

If we haven’t got you convinced, you should check him out for yourself. Oh, and there’s an excavator. For donuts.