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McLaren Speedtail leaked hours before its reveal

By Chris Thompson, 26 Oct 2018 News

McLaren Speedtail leaked before reveal news

Tonight McLaren will reveal a car we’ve now seen plenty of

The McLaren Speedtail is here, er, sort of.

Hours before its launch (overnight for us here in Oz), we’ve already seen the hybrid hypercar spread far and wide across the internet thanks to the likes of Twitter user @AutoBant and car collector Kris Singh (@lamborghiniks on Instagram).

The images here are from those two sources, who have apparently had access to them ahead of the car’s official reveal.

That cap on the front wheel is reportedly for high-speed runs and is removable (some will be pleased to know), while estimated power figures still remain just that.

The closest concrete evidence we’ve had to a power output is from a quote from the company’s CEO reported by Top Gear in the UK. 

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A past report by Top Gear cites a McLaren owners’ event as the occasion on which McLaren CEO Mike Flewitt decided to reveal to potential Speedtail customers that the car would have more than 735kW.

“That [twin-turbo V8] has gone from 426bhp in a GT4 to I-can’t-tell-you-what-yet in a Speedtail. But it’s more than 1,000PS [735kW],”Flewitt said.

As for whether it’ll come to Australia, MOTOR has been given hints by the brand’s local boss that it’s probable.

“We’re a global company so we make sure that all of our markets are served correctly. So on that basis… I would expect that we may see the car here,” Asia Pacific boss for McLaren Automotive George Biggs has told MOTOR in the past.

“The unique nature of [The Speedtail] means we’re still working through, but I would hope to see that car here,” he said of the Speedtail and its central driving position.

“We’re under a number of different regulatory environments in different markets, and Australia is very similar in that we respect and work through [ADRs].

“[ADRs are] not particularly unique, it’s just a case of going through that process.”

Stay tuned as we watch for the official reveal of McLaren’s fastest road car yet.