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McLaren Speedtail to be revealed this month

By Chris Thompson, 15 Oct 2018 News

McLaren Speedtail to be revealed this month news

More details and an unveiling date confirmed by McLaren

McLaren has confirmed more details of its upcoming Ultimate Series model, the McLaren Speedtail, as well as revealing the date on which it will be unveiled.

October 26 is the chosen date for the hybrid hypercar’s reveal, at which point the design and further information of the already sold-out model will be made public knowledge.

McLaren has also confirmed now that the Speedtail will produce more than 735kW thanks to a hybrid drivetrain, and will only be produced to a cap of 106 units, mirroring the McLaren F1 of the 1990s.

Also inspired by the F1 is the central driving position of the Speedtail, with two passenger seats flanking the driver. The Speedtail will also be McLaren’s fastest road car upon its release, with a top speed of more than 391km/h.

Owners of the 106 examples of Speedtail will have already seen the car by October 26, as a private London event will allow those who’ve promised the Woking brand more than £1.75million plus taxes (a wallet-crippling AUD$3,229,770 in direct conversion) a look at their new car.

Chances of the car making it Down Under are high, as McLaren representatives have hinted that the brand’s strength here and its willingness to work with individual markets’ design rules mean the Speedtail should have no problem landing locally.

“We’re a global company so we make sure that all of our markets are served correctly. So on that basis… I would expect that we may see the car here,” Asia Pacific boss for McLaren Automotive George Biggs has told MOTOR in the past.

Biggs recently confirmed that despite perception that ADRs are particularly difficult to work with, that hasn’t been the case, even for the flame-spitting 600LT.

“The unique nature of [The Speedtail] means we’re still working through, but I would hope to see that car here,” he said of the Speedtail and its central driving position.

“We’re under a number of different regulatory environments in different markets, and Australia is very similar in that we respect and work through [ADRs].

“[ADRs are] not particularly unique, it’s just a case of going through that process.”

Stay tuned for coverage of the McLaren Speedtail upon its reveal on October 26, which will be at 11pm Australian Daylight Savings Time.