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MOTOR’s 30 years of HSV special issue preview

By MOTOR Staff, 14 Dec 2017 News

MOTOR HSV 2017 cover

We celebrate one of Australia’s greatest with a special edition of MOTOR

HSV won’t be making any fast Commodores in the foreseeable future, but it’s not calling it quits just yet.

We recently revealed HSV’s plans for the near future, but we were also working on a retrospective of its past.

Over the last three decades, MOTOR has watched HSV grow and thrive, so we put together this 146-page special edition, made up of a collection of historic articles, to celebrate 30 years of HSV.

This preview runs through less than half of what this special issue has in store for those who go pick one up. Enjoy!

HSV’s New Road

We sit down with Ryan Walkinshaw and HSV director Tim Jackson to discuss the future of HSV.

The History of HSV

Charting HSV’s rise from humble origins to creator of the world’s most potent and desirable performance sedans.

Holden VL SS Group A – The Walky

This classic article from MOTOR’s March 1988 issue chronicles the beginning of Holden Special Vehicles.

VP GTS vs Falcon GT

December 1992: Ford versus Holden, Falcon GT versus GTS, it was the Australian muscle car battle of its time.

This Could Turn Nasty

It was Skaife versus Lowndes, and HSV GTS-R versus Nissan Skyline GT-R.


January 2002: HSV turned Holden’s stunning Monaro into a juiced coupe to challenge the Bavarians.

HSV W427

September 2008: The biggest engine ever in an Aussie sedan raises the performance bar to new highs.


March 2017: The last Commodore-based HSV flies off in a supercharged 474kW/815Nm cloud of tyre smoke.

And much, much more

Really, there’s a lot more in this issue than just what this preview has shown. Go pick up a copy today!