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2018 Formula E race car looks like a spaceship designed to attack race tracks

By Cameron Kirby, 31 Jan 2018 Motorsport

2018 Formula E race car looks like a spaceship designed to attack race tracks

Seemingly ripped straight from a sci-fi cartoon, the second-gen Formula E car looks absolutely wild

NO, what you see in front of you isn’t some futuristic render of what a race car might look like in 2030 – it’s the second-generation Formula E race car, and it will be taking to city streets later this year.

The new car will debut in the all-electric Formula E series at the start of the 2018/19 season.

But just look at it! The new car improves massively on the frumpy first-gen chassis, which got a facelifted front wing last year.

This second-generation FE car has a number of striking design elements, including (much to the chagrin of single-seater purists) a halo device for driver protection.

More aggressive aerodynamic bodywork dominates the car, with LMP1-style front wheel coverings, and a split rear wing which has hints of Porsche 917K when viewed from the side.

The aerodynamics have been taken up a notch too, with more aggressive rake on the wings. However, the single-element design should ensure close racing while keeping the cars glued to the ground.

Spark Racing Technologies will produce the car, which will be powered by batteries supplied by McLaren Applied Technologies – the sister company to the Formula 1 team and road car business.

Formula E CEO Alejandro Agag said the new cars will “have almost double the amount of energy storage capacity and double the range” of the current cars.

"When we started Formula E, our goal was to break the mould and challenge the status quo - bringing a revolution to motorsport," he added.

"This next generation car represents that revolution.”

Now, the looks are locked away, perhaps it’s time to add an extra 200kW so the racing can become truly spectacular.