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Video: Bask in the glory of Daniel Ricciardo’s Monaco Grand Prix pole lap

By Cameron Kirby, 27 May 2017 Motorsport

Last year our Aussie F1 hero let it all hang out to nab pole for the 2016 Monaco Grand Prix

Video: Bask in the glory of Daniel Ricciardo’s Monaco Grand Prix pole lap

MILLIMETRES. Not inches, not centimetre’s. Millimetres.

That is the margin of error between glory and agony when a Formula 1 driver takes to the Monte Carlo at the Monaco Grand Prix.

The Principality’s street circuit is tighter and more unforgiving than any other circuit on the Grand Prix calendar.

That is what makes this lap from Daniel ‘The Honey Badger’ Ricciardo from last year even more impressive.

The calamity that followed on the Sunday has overshadowed this gobsmacking lap, but we won’t get into that lest our heads burst from our shoulders in fury.

It’s safe to say this is up there with the greatest single laps of Ricciardo’s career so far.

What does Daniel Ricciardo know about F1?

Ride along as the Australian driver places his Red Bull F1 car with superhuman precision, running perilously close to unforgiving barriers, which seem to want to reach out and snatch his car from his control to break it into a thousand tiny pieces.

It’s a superb piece of driving, with Ricciardo stopping the clocks at 1:13.622, enough to score the top spot on the grid over Nico Rosberg by just 0.169 of a second.

An adjustment of the track layout in 2015 at the Tabac corner shortened the overall lap by 3 metres, meaning Ricciardo’s lap is the quickest ever produced on the current format.

However, with 2017’s F1 cars packing serious aero and fatter tyres, expect that laptime to fall rapidly over the course of the weekend.

Our man Mark Webber is a two-time winner at Monaco, tasting the victor’s champagne in 2010 and 2012. Here’s hoping Ricciardo can nab his first victory on the streets of Monte Carlo this weekend.