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The Rossion Q1R is the track car you haven’t heard of

By Chris Thompson, 25 Sep 2018 News

The Rossion Q1R is the track car you haven’t heard of

Noble-based sports car is up for grabs in the US

If you want lightweight track car, but aren’t into the idea of a Caterham or a Lotus, then meet the Rossion Q1R.

This particular example is currently being auctioned on Bring a Trailer, listed by Florida-based Bullet Motorsports.

Some background might be necessary if, like most people, you’ve never heard of Rossion. While it seems like the Rossion is a new thing – and in some ways it is – there’s more than a decade of work hidden underneath it. 

It’s actually based on the Noble M400, and has been developed on that platform since Rossion Automotive acquired the rights to some of Noble’s intellectual property in 2007.

“The move into production for the Rossion Q1 began after 1G Racing acquired both the intellectual and design rights for the Noble M400 and M12 platforms earlier this year in February [2007],” an early Rossion Auto statement reads.

“While further stressing the performance aspects that made Noble platforms such a startling success, the new Rossion Q1 incorporates dramatic design and a comfortably refined interior to create a versatile supercar that mesmerizes on the road as easily as on the track.”

While the Q1 can be driven on the road, the version up for grabs on Bring a Trailer is the track-only Q1R. And it’s only got a few test miles on the clock.

Geek Speak: Lightweight materials

With a full carbon fibre body and a Ford EcoBoost 2.0-litre turbo engine, the 241kW/414Nm Rossion Q1R weighs just 816kg, partly thanks to a tubular space frame construction.

It’s rear-drive, hooked up with a 6-speed manual ‘box, and runs with independent double-arm suspension front and rear, with Koni coil-over shocks, a quick 2-turn lock-to-lock rack, and huge (for an 816kg car) vented and slotted 13-inch brake rotors, with 4-piston callipers front and rear.

Inside, a full roll cage, Sparco race seats, and 5-point harnesses are the primary features, with most of the car’s functions controlled with a switchboard.

It’s currently at USD$35,227 (AUD$48,560) as this publishes, with two days left to go in the auction.