Supercharged Holden Statesman for sale in Germany

Rare Bitter Vero for sale with Walkinshaw supercharged V8

Bitter Vero supercharged

We won't blame you if the Bitter Vero name isn't too familiar, but no doubt you recognise the shape of these unusual German luxury cars.

They were, of course, built in Australia as Holden Commodores and Statesmans before being shipped to Germany where they underwent the, um, bold restyling, a suspension retune and interior retrim.

Bitter Vero superchargedJust a handful were built - Bitter's own website suggests 10 examples - which makes the fact we've found two for sale on European used car website Reezocar even more remarkable.

Not only that, both cars, a white Statesman-based Vero and dark blue Commodore SS-based Vero Sport, have essentially delivery mileage, showing just 159km and 150km respectively.

What's more, the Vero sports a 404kW Walkinshaw-built supercharged L76 engine, as well as big brakes, a sunroof and DVD players in the rear to keep the kids happy when you're hassling M5s on the autobahn.

Supercharged V8 engineThe Vero Sport is even more curious, as it's stated to have the 6.2-litre LS3 engine. It's a giveaway that the Vero Sport started life as a Chevrolet SS, the Yanks getting access to the HSV-spec LS3 engine a few years prior to Aussie cars, the bigger engine arriving locally with VF II.

The best news, however, is the price. When new Veros commanded astronomical price tags starting at €121,975, the equivalent of AUD$200,000 and enough to buy a Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG in Germany. No wonder few buyers were found.

Bitter Vero Sport for saleIn what must be a world record for depreciation, now the white supercharged Vero is listed for €29,900 (AUD$49,026) while the Vero Sport is €25,999 ($AUD42,630). Both figures seem pretty reasonable for what are effectively brand-new Commodores.

Of course, you'll have to put up with the weird front-end styling, but you can't see that from behind the wheel. If you want something unique for a European road trip that's a constant reminder of home, look no further.


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