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Why you should buy expensive tyres

By Stephen Corby, 21 May 2016 Car Advice

car tyres

When it comes to buying tyres, avoid the cheap stuff. Spend the extra money for the expensive ones – it could just save your life.

If you were in need of a bullet-proof vest, would you choose the cheapest, thinnest option or the full kevlar kick-ass version? What about if you were investing in a parachute, would you go for a cut-price second-hand one, or the top-of-the-line, tangle-proof model?

When it comes to things that can save your life, the choice is easy. So why is it that people even consider cheaping out on tyres for their car, or buying re-treads (basically recycled rubber)?

Yes, there are many systems, technologies and forces – gravity being a big one – keeping you on the road, but your car’s ability to maintain good, controlled grip with the surface beneath you comes down to four relatively tiny patches of tyre at any given moment.

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Throw in a rain-slick surface and the importance of your rubber’s grip levels, their tread pattern’s ability to deal with shifting water, and your choice of tyre becomes even more vital.

Buying cheap tyres makes no sense, because you’re taking chances with your life, and the lives of your passengers. A skidding tyre is a one-way ticket to disaster.

So pony up and invest wisely at tyre-replacement time, and keep in mind that brilliant advertising line from one particular company – if it only saves you once a year, it’s a good year.

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