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Mercedes-Benz recalls Sprinter for user manual error

By Daniel Gardner, 22 Feb 2021 Car News

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

4176 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans recalled for incorrect user manual that could cause roll-away

Mercedes-Benz has issued a product safety recall for a number of model-year 2018 and 2019 Sprinter vans to address an error that may cause the driver to incorrectly apply the transmission’s park position.

According to the recall advice, an error in the user manual incorrectly states that park is automatically applied if the driver removes their seatbelt or when getting out of the seat, while the vehicle is at a standstill or moving at very low speed.

However, Mercedes has confirmed the P position is only engaged automatically if the engine is switched off in transmission positions D or R, or if the driver's door is opened in these transmission positions, while the vehicle is at a standstill or moving at very low speed.

If the incorrect instructions are followed, and under certain circumstances, there is a risk the vehicle can roll away presenting an obvious and potentially serious hazard.

Mercedes is contacting registered owners and keepers of affected vehicles to arrange remedial action. Concerned owners can also find out if their vehicle is subject to the recall by visiting the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) product safety website where a full list of vehicle identification numbers (VIN) is available.

Unlike almost all other recalls, the Sprinter requires no mechanical repair, software update or component replacement, with a correct owner’s booklet the only action necessary. Customers who believe their Sprinter is affected can also contact Mercedes to arrange a replacement or supplementary booklet.

Sprinters sold between August 28 2018 and December 23 2020 are potentially impacted, with 4176 vehicles believed to be requiring the replacement manual which will be supplied at no cost to the customer.

A list of national Mercedes-Benz dealerships can be found here.

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