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Free EV charging network coming to Sydney

By David Bonnici, 14 Oct 2020 Car News

free ev charging Sydney

Sydney's dark green electricity kiosks will soon become part of a free, fast EV charging network

NSW power distributor Ausgrid has partnered with Sydney-based EV charging network company JOLT to providing free charging in multiple locations to encourage more people to enter the EV market.

The free network, claimed to be a world-first, will be created by tapping into Ausgrid’s existing street-side kiosks, which are common in every suburb.  

It will offer a free 7kWh charge, which equates to an average of 15min/45kms free charging per day that, depending on battery power, will get you about 40km range.

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Extended charging will also be made available for additional cost via the JOLT App.

“Most people are familiar with our green kiosks on street sides across Sydney. They’re essential for Ausgrid operations but most people don’t give them a second thought,” said Ausgrid CEO Richard Gross.

Sydney electrical kiosk ev charger

“By partnering with JOLT these kiosks will be transformed into state-of-the-art charging stations which will allow EV drivers to pull up, plug-in and charge their vehicles.

“This innovation will give our customers and community access to more sustainable transport options in Sydney."

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JOLT CEO Doug McNamee said there is significant demand for electric vehicles locally but there are several barriers holding people back.

“We want to change this and make owning an EV as easy as possible.

“Our network of on-street fast chargers will help reduce vehicle ownership costs, eliminate range-anxiety and provide charging options for those that don't have access to charging at home. 

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"This will help speed up the transition to the widespread use of electric vehicles. We look forward to unveiling the first charging stations with Ausgrid in the near future.”

JOLT and Ausgrid are now negotiating with local councils to allocate designated EV parking spots alongside the kiosks.

It is hoped first charging stations will be installed in early 2021.

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