Genesis GV80 introduces Continental’s 3D instrument cluster

Continental’s trippy new tech can throw up 3D images into your vision while you drive

continental 3d instrument cluster

Continental has developed a unique instrument cluster that can present information to the driver in three dimensional images.

The new technology will make its debut in the Genesis GV80 large luxury SUV and allows for certain alerts to be displayed in 3D form to the driver, including stop-sign alerts or navigation instructions.

Using a complicated mix of dimensional scales, pointers and objects, the system can segment pictures onto different planes to make them appear three-dimensional without the need for 3D glasses.

It's complicated but essentially, angled plates separate images for the driver using two different, and slightly offset pictures. These are individually projected to the right and left eye resulting in the illusion of a three-dimensional image.

Genesis GV80

The 3D cluster pairs with high tech cameras to track the driver’s line of sight to accurately display 3D images in thin air. The cameras also check to see whether adequate attention is being paid to the road ahead, rather than the images displayed by the system.

The goal of the 3D instrument cluster is to offer vital information to the driver, that would ordinarily be displayed on the central infotainment screen and instrument cluster, right in the field of view in order to minimise eyes-off-the-road time.

Genesis previously experimented with 3D imaging in the G70 – albeit only for Korean market cars – which received an earlier version of the system in late 2018.

Genesis GV80

Continental hopes the Cross Domain Hub tech, which underpins the 3D imaging technology in the Genesis GV80, can take more of a front line role in in-car infotainment. This could result in the 3D imaging tech able to move images around the cabin (between displays) with gesture control swipes, for example.


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