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Lamborghini Aventador bears full brunt of massive hailstorm

By Tom Fraser, 19 Jun 2020 Car News

Lamborghini Aventador bears full brunt of massive hailstorm

Pour one out for this poor Lamborghini Aventador that got Swiss-cheesed by a hailstorm

A Lamborghini Aventador has ended up destroyed after being peppered by an unusually large hailstorm that hit Calgary, Canada this week.

It seems the owner was either oblivious to the incoming storm or perhaps they were keen on an insurance payout, but the entire body of the $700,000 black supercar was dented beyond repair, almost-certainly rendering it a write-off.

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The footage was first posted to Reddit at the start of the week where it then went viral as members of the social news site weighed in to express their surprise.

No commentary accompanies the brief video clip but you can see the story for yourself. Hundreds of golf ball sized divots have been carved out of the expensive bodywork and the windscreen has been cracked as well. It seems as though the car held up surprisingly well around the rear, that said, we’d imagine there would be plenty of paint scratches to worry about.  

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Hail damaged cars are notoriously difficult and expensive to repair, so we hope the owner of this Lamborghini was on good terms with his or her insurance company. 

In addition to the spectacularly destroyed Lamborghini, the hailstorm left a massive damage bill in its wake as homes and other cars were damaged. 

You should never feel scared to take your supercar for a drive but at the very least, be aware of the weather conditions before heading out!

Thanks to Yasmin Gulsen and versacelp640 for the footage