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The Lamborghini SC20: a 559kW roofless screamer

By Jake Groves and WhichCar Staff, 21 Dec 2020 Car News

Lamborghini SC20

Lamborghini's motorsport department shows off one of its most wild creations

Need to Know:

  • Lambo’s second one-off creation

  • 559kW V12, all-wheel drive

  • Penned by the Centro Stile

Lamborghini has made another bespoke creation for a very keen and super-wealthy customer: this is the SC20.

It's the second one-off creation from the brand's Centro Stile after the SC18, and a follow-up to motorsport department Squadra Corse's Essenza SCV12 track weapon.

Clearly, it’s a super-aggressive, roofless hypercar designed for the road.

Lamborghini SC20Bodywork is all carbonfibre, with a front splitter like that of the Huracan EVO GT3 racer and side fins like that of the SCV12.

The dark weave is also used on the dashboard cover, the seat shells, rear wall, steering wheel trim and, as it is done at the brand, the chassis monocoque.

Up back, the carbonfibre rear wing is manually adjustable with three heights: low, medium and high load. The door handles, meanwhile, are machined from solid aluminium.

Lamborghini SC20Power comes from the 6.5-litre V12 that’s so intrinsic to Sant’Agata’s hypercars these days, making 559kW and 720Nm.

That’s sent through Lambo’s seven-speed ‘independent shifting rod’ gearbox (the same one used in the Aventador) to all four wheels.

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Speaking of wheels, they’re staggered in diameter, with the fronts measuring 20-inch and the rears 21-inch.

Since it’s a one-off, Lambo hasn’t revealed the obviously large sum of money paid by the customer that approached them to make it. But the brand also says they were involved from the very beginning, looking over concept sketches from Lambo’s Centro Stile.

Lamborghini SC20“The chief sources of inspiration were the Diablo VT Roadster, Aventador J, Veneno Roadster and Concept S, and the result is a dramatic combination of creativity and racing attitude,” says head of design at the facility, Mitja Borkert.

Lamborghini says it’s finished in an exclusive colour scheme, with a Bianco Fu (white) base that offsets the Blue Cephus livery.

Lamborghini SC20The brand says optimal aerodynamics ensure occupants feel comfortable even at high speeds, despite the lack of a full windscreen.

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