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Luxury ‘Sky garage’ apartments planned for Melbourne

By David Bonnici, 12 Jul 2018 Car News

Luxury ‘Sky garage’ apartments planned for Melbourne

Who needs Netflix when you can chill with your own supercars in your posh apartment?

Melbourne could soon join Dubai, New York and Singapore by having luxury apartments with sky-high parking spaces.

Property developer Growland wants to be the first to bring the concept to Australia with its 20-storey Neue Grand project on St Kilda Road, which will feature 19 apartments that will each take up an entire floor.

The well-heeled owners will be able to place their car in a German-designed automated parking lift via a turntable, which will take it up to their apartment and park it behind a glass box adjacent to their living area. Unfortunately, they won’t be able to ride up the lift in their car, as there’s actually a law against that.

sky garage melbourne

Once the resident vacates their pride and joy, it will be whisked to the appropriate level at high-speed and automatically parked within the 350-square-metre apartment’s garage space.

The residents themselves will enter their apartment using fingerprint recognition software, the convenience of which will partly make up for the massive first-world problem of having to get out of their Aventador at the ground floor.

Owners will also have a basement parking space for their “everyday” car.

How much would you expect to pay for such an apartment? Well, if you have to ask you probably can’t afford it, but expect anywhere from $6 million, with the penthouse exceeding $30 million – supercars not included. 

Before you go rushing to make a deposit, it’s worth noting that while the Neue Grand apartments have been given the nod,  the sky garages are yet to be confirmed.