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Nissan invents chairs that park themselves

17 Feb 2016 Car News

When you watch this video of chairs parking themselves, you won’t know whether it’s exciting or creepy.

Nissan invents chairs that park themselves

Remember the days of peeping through your keyhole to see if the toys in your room came to life? Well, Nissan has made this a real thing – with office chairs.

Self-parking car technology is coming in hard and fast in the automotive space, so it was only a matter of time before someone took this concept and used it for something weird and wonderful.

Nissan have done just that. At a simple clap of the hands, the office chairs will spin themselves around and find their way back to rest neatly under the table.

Four cameras are placed throughout the room, so the chairs can register their targets.

The video looks brilliant. Clever. Magical even. But there’s something unsettling about this technology. Think about it, chairs that can be controlled, by anyone, any time.